Wednesday, March 18, 2009

View From Behind the Bar...

By Michael Oder, host of 12th Street Sports Bar

This week's show airs during Spring Break for a majority of college campuses. Sam Houston State University had theirs the week before. Kevin and I were the only people really phased by that, Cody and Anna Megan aren't in school anymore and Jason only got one official day off. Getting back into the swing of things isn't hard for any of us so we got right to work.

Since it is March, we spent the show looking at brackets, filling out brackets, discussing who's bracket was great and who's was terrible, generally talking about brackets. You'll see that there is a consensus that the bar as to which teams are going to go deep and which won't. Cody has an interesting take on the Washington Huskies this year. You can read his post on that here.

We took the middle segment to pause and talk about the Southland Conference Tourney and how Sam Houston did. Not very good is the short answer. SHSU rival Stephen F. Austin won the tournament and plays Syracuse in the 1st round. Good luck to them and we'll see them back in the state shortly. No one seems to think they'll get past the 1st round.

After that, we quickly got back into the bracket, talking east and south regions.

A SIDE NOTE: The Bar doesn't have an official bracket (yet), so Kevin and his girlfriend decided to put one up on a wall in our apartment. I supervised the construction and must say it is a spectacular thing to behold. So I will be using it as the Official 12th Street bracket. Teams that win will move along and we will be posting pictures as the bracket fills out. There will be some surprises with each winning team's progression, so stay tuned! More on the bracket itself soon!

Thanks to our emails this week from Becky in Arlington, TX and JR in Fresno, California. We appreciate your comments and hopefully we answered them!

That's all this week from behind the bar...

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Herm the Worm said...

Kevin is a lucky man since he has a girlfriend that lets him decorate a wall with NCAA bracket decor. Great idea. My woman doesn't have a clue about sports. Michael, you should've used her name instead of her title as gf. Good luck, guys and lady and gf. I enjoy the show.