Thursday, April 30, 2009

New website coming soon

We are excited to announce the 12th Street Sports Bar TV show will soon be getting a new website at this adress

Thursday, April 16, 2009

College baseball shocker ... kind of

It is kind of fitting that this happened on the night our show aired where we were talking about college baseball. Last night in Baton Rouge, Nicholls State upset the No. 1 team in the nation, LSU with a 3-1 victory.

Headline in Thibodaux, La. this morning: Nicholls stuns top-ranked LSU, 3-1

Did Sports Center have it? Any of the national online network sites have it? Take a look at the designated college sports page on those sites and tell me if you find it.

If this were football or basketball, you couldn't get away from this story. There would be interviews with coaches and players, we would have heard the radio highlight clip 100 times already, the experts would be telling us what is wrong with LSU and the term greatest upset of all-time would have been used on more than one occasion.

When Appalachian State beat Michigan in Ann Arbor, it sent shockwaves though college football, and App State was the two-time reigning national champions in their division. Nicholls State was 10-44 last season, they are a sub-.500 team this season and currently sit in 8th place in the Southland Conference.

Granted baseball is a different sport. On any given night a pitcher can get hot and shut a team down. Last night the Colonels used eight different pitchers to keep the LSU hitters off balance.

I think that is one of the things that makes college baseball great. On any given night a team can be vulnerable and lose to a perceived lesser opponent, even a national champion contender.

While in the grand scheme of things, Nicholls beating LSU in baseball is not a huge shocker. I think it is a feat worth noting, and it is a shame more people are not aware of what happened in college baseball last night.

-- Jason Barfield

Monday, April 13, 2009

Back at the ranch

Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that we are back in Huntsville today to tape the show.

Send your emails in now!

-Michael Oder

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

View From Behind the Bar...

by Michael Oder, host of the 12th Street Sports Bar
Photo Credit: Michael Oder, Sr. (my Dad)

I walked in to the Fox Sports Grill in the Galleria in Houston, Texas and was immediately impressed. A giant box truss loaded down with lights and wires sat over the bar closest to the front door. Even though we're used to coming in to a lit studio back at home, the lights seemed blinding. A buzz of excitement filled the air.

Kevin turned to me and said," This feels real." He was right. This felt like a real television show. I had a moment like that when we first started showing nationally. Quickly we fell into our places around the bar.

I walk around the bar and go behind, completely oblivious to the fact that every bartender in the place was giving me a strange look. After I introduced myself and explained I was the host and just play a bartender, they seemed to be alright with it. Audrey and Flash (yes, that's what he told us his name was) were the bartenders on our side and took care of us.

Overall, it was one of the smoothest shows we've ever taped. Everyone involved was pleased with the look and the operation. James, the general manager of the Fox Sports Grill, and his entire crew were very accommodating of the entire production staff, crew and cast.

I can't wait to go back down there. I had a lot of fun.

And that's all this week from behind the (real) bar...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Then there were two

Well, it looks like the NCAA Tournament championship game is finally set. While it's not much of a surprise that North Carolina, who everyone tabbed the national champ before the season began, is in the final, how about Michigan State?

The Spartans entered the tournament as an underdog, mainly because the Big 10, well, wasn't that good this season. But as the top teams often do, Michigan State peaked at the right time. The Spartans were unbelievable in their run to the title game. They knocked off overall top-seeded Louisville, then, with the exception of 30 seconds or so late in the game, easily topped UConn, two of the best teams from what is supposed to be the best conference in college basketball -- the Big East. That dunk by Durrell Summers over Stanley Robinson was freaking sweet and Kalin Lucas was solid.

It was a great feel-good story for Detroit. The economy has been tough on us all, but at least for a couple of days, the folks in Michigan (who are really struggling) have something to believe in (especially considering how bad the Pistons and Lions are).

With that said, North Carolina is on a mission. The Tar Heels have been spectacular in the tournament, winning all their games by at least 12 points. I know that UNC dismantled Michigan State on the same court at Ford Field at the beginning of the season, but that was then and this is now. I think the Spartans will battle to the end, but the Tar Heels are too talented.

Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough, Wayne Ellington, Danny Green, Deon Thompson and McDonald's All-Americans coming off the bench, that's sick. I said before the tournament started that Hansbrough came back for a reason and the X-factor would be Lawson's toe. Both seem to be doing just fine.

The Spartans need to take care of the ball and dictate the pace of the game. Michigan State would have to have its best offensive game of the season to have any hopes if the game turns into a shootout. The Tar Heels are that good, have that many guns in their arsenal and can score when and where ever they want to.

My prediction? North Carolina pulls away late and wins its fifth national title in this one.

Williams vs. Izzo, we are in for a treat. Enjoy it. I know I will.