Friday, March 27, 2009

The perfect baseball weather...

...or not.

We haven't played baseball here at Sam Houston since the three game thrashing dealt out by UT- San Antonio last weekend. Three games have been rained out, Tuesday against Baylor at Don Sanders, Wednesday against Houston Baptist at the Don, and the first game of this weekends home conference series against Northwestern State.

This will no longer be just a normal conference series. The Bearkats are coming off of a tough sweep and have been sitting idly for five full days. It also seems as if every team in the conference is sitting right around .500 in SLC play. So this will not be a run of the mill series, the Kats will be fighting the fatigue of having not played. They will be struggling to shake off the cobwebs from being let down by mother nature. In a sport where you play every day of the week, sitting for five straight days can be completely detrimental.

Saturday (weather permitting) will now be a double header against Northwestern State and Sunday (weather permitting) will be the series finale. Sam Houston has a team ERA of 6.00 but NWST is not bringing a staff much better with a team ERA of 5.87. That puts both teams at the bottom of the conference in pitching. If you were looking for the pitching to wake back up, this may not be the series for that. I would expect runs. The Bearkats have the best team batting average in the conference and are second in hits. This may be the weekend that the runs come back. Although the Kats are leading in hitting, they are just sixth in runs scored.

This could be a very interesting and important series for Sam Houston. It all gets started tomorrow at 1:30 (weather permitting).

Friday, March 20, 2009

NCAA bracket - I'm not a loser, but I'm not a winner either

Not that it's anything new to you all, but I'm just terrible at making picks. And that didn't change when I filled out my bracket for the NCAA Tournament.

Here are the results after one day.

UConn vs. Chatanooga
My pick: UConn
Actual: UConn, 103-47 Yay me!

Washington vs. Mississippi State
My pick: Washington
Actual: Washington, 71-58 I rule!

Northern Iowa vs. Purdue
My pick: Purdue
Actual: Purdue, 61-56 How am I so awesome?

Maryland vs. California
My pick: Cal (reluctantly)
Actual: Maryland, 84-71 I'm terrible.

CSU Northridge vs. Memphis
My pick: Memphis (no brainer)
Actual: Memphis, 81-70 Back to being right.

Texas A&M vs. BYU
My pick: Texas A&M
Actual: Texas A&M, 79-66 Two years in a row!

Morgan State vs. Oklahoma
My pick: Oklahoma (I pick the Sooners to be in the final four, too.)
Actual: Oklahoma Who's surprised?

Western Kentucky vs. Illinois
My pick: Illinois
Actual: Western Kentucky, 76-72 Holy smokes. Cinderella team? I like it.

Michigan vs. Clemson
My pick: Clemson
Actual: Michigan, 62-59 Good for Michigan, but I'm a loser on this one.

Akron vs. Gonzaga
My pick: Gonzaga (I have a bulldog named Lucy Dot.)
Actual: Gonzaga, 77-64 The Akron Zips were leading for a bit, but the Gonzaga Bulldogs win and so do I.

Butler vs. LSU
My pick: Butler ( I picked Butler to upset both LSU and North Carolina.)
Actual: LSU, 75-71 No good.

Radford vs. North Carolina
My pick: Radford - just kidding - UNC
Actual: North Carolina, 101-58 Winner, winner. Chicken dinner.

Binghampton vs. Duke
My pick: Duke (I picked the Blue Devils to play in the title game as well.)
Actual: Duke, 86-62. Yup.

My pick: UCLA
Actual: UCLA, 65-54 It was a good one.

Minnesota vs. Texas
My pick: Minnesota
Actual: Texas, 76-62 I'm sorry for picking against you, Longhorns.

American vs. Villanova
My pick: American (These colors don't run.)
Actual: Villanova, 80-67 Darn it.


LOSE ANY MONEY? I won't laugh at you if you did.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

View From Behind the Bar...

By Michael Oder, host of 12th Street Sports Bar

This week's show airs during Spring Break for a majority of college campuses. Sam Houston State University had theirs the week before. Kevin and I were the only people really phased by that, Cody and Anna Megan aren't in school anymore and Jason only got one official day off. Getting back into the swing of things isn't hard for any of us so we got right to work.

Since it is March, we spent the show looking at brackets, filling out brackets, discussing who's bracket was great and who's was terrible, generally talking about brackets. You'll see that there is a consensus that the bar as to which teams are going to go deep and which won't. Cody has an interesting take on the Washington Huskies this year. You can read his post on that here.

We took the middle segment to pause and talk about the Southland Conference Tourney and how Sam Houston did. Not very good is the short answer. SHSU rival Stephen F. Austin won the tournament and plays Syracuse in the 1st round. Good luck to them and we'll see them back in the state shortly. No one seems to think they'll get past the 1st round.

After that, we quickly got back into the bracket, talking east and south regions.

A SIDE NOTE: The Bar doesn't have an official bracket (yet), so Kevin and his girlfriend decided to put one up on a wall in our apartment. I supervised the construction and must say it is a spectacular thing to behold. So I will be using it as the Official 12th Street bracket. Teams that win will move along and we will be posting pictures as the bracket fills out. There will be some surprises with each winning team's progression, so stay tuned! More on the bracket itself soon!

Thanks to our emails this week from Becky in Arlington, TX and JR in Fresno, California. We appreciate your comments and hopefully we answered them!

That's all this week from behind the bar...

March really is Madness

Watching some of the opening round games of the NIT really has me pumped about the Dance starting in a couple of days. I was just looking over my bracket, and I'm still scratching my head about some of my picks. Outside of the state of Washington, I might be one of the few people that like the Huskies' chances.

That's right, I have Washington in the championship game. That is going to be hard seeing that the Huskies will have to go through UConn and Memphis, which is going to be fired up because of that No. 2 seed, just to get out of the regional and then possibly playing Louisville, the No. 1 overall seed, in the Final Four. My logic is simple, the Pac-10 usually has a team in the Final Four, so I'm going with the Huskies because this is not going to be UCLA's year, USC doesn't have O.J. Mayo and the rest, well I'm just not that impressed. I also like players like Jon Brockman, big guys who like to battle in the paint and average double figures in scoring and rebounding. That's why I'm keeping my fingers crossed that North Carolina and Oklahoma meet up so we can see Tyler Hansbrough and Blake Griffin go at it.

The best thing about the NCAA Tournament is that you can make odd-ball predictions because who knows what is really going to happen. Did that many people believe that George Mason was going to go as far as the Final Four a few years back? It's easy to go with the typical favorites, but it is more fun to go out on a limb. If Washington loses early, then I look like a fool, but if they make a deep run, then I look like less of a fool.

That is what makes this such a special event -- 64 teams with a chance to be the last one standing. Now, if we can just get the powers that be to realize this in college football, life would be great.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Play-in game

Call it what you want, I am not a fan of the play-in game. The NCAA can say all they want that it is just as big a part of the NCAA Tournament as everything else, but the truth is, no one really cares about this game outside of the fan bases of the two teams playing.

The problem I have with this game is it really takes away from the tournament experience of the two teams playing. This year Alabama State and Morehead State are squaring off for the right to play Louisville. The biggest problem I have with the play-in game, is these two teams have already earned that right to play Louisville or whichever No. 1 seed they get paired against.

They have done everything the NCAA asked them to do. They won their conference tournaments, just like Stephen F. Austin, Radford and East Tennessee State. They will all be playing on Thursday and Friday. I don't like the fact that every year two teams are punished because they are considered the two worst teams in the field.

I would rather the NCAA put both of those teams in the field as No. 16 seeds and have the play-in game between the two bubble teams. This year you could have Arizona and St. Mary's playing for the right to get into the tournament as a No. 12 seed. That is where all the debate is on selection Sunday anyway.

Instead of comparing RPI's, strength of schedule, last 12 games and whatever else the committee looks at, you just pair the two teams together and the winner moves on. Is that going to stop the arguing? No. There are still going to be teams that feel they were snubbed. But it will give two deserving teams a chance to play in the NCAA tournament and force two teams that may have been left out to play their way in as the name of the game suggests.

Plus, I think the ratings for that game will be a lot better than they will be tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bracket Contest-Win a Troy Aikman autographed football!

We wanted to let everyone know we have an exciting contest for you for March Madness. We are setting up a group on to find the viewer with the best bracket this March.

The best part is you are playing for more than just bragging rights. While most sites are giving away $1 million to someone if they get a prefect bracket (it will never happen by the way) we are giving away a prize to the person who wins the group. Courtesy of our corporate sponsor Wing Stop, we will be giving away a football autographed by former Dallas Cowboy and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman.

There are a few steps we need you to go through to enter. First go to and set up an entry in the bracket contest and join the group “12th Street Sports Bar.” After your bracket is set up, you must e-mail us at and tell us your Entry name, Full name, address and phone number. It is important to e-mail us with your information prior to the start of the tournament so we can contact the winner afterwards. Also, by e-mailing, you give 12th Street Productions permission to use your name during the show.

In the event of a tie, the final score from the winning and losing teams in the championship game will be used as the first tie breaker. If it is still tied, then it will be based on the number of correct Final Four teams. If there is still a tie, then it will be broken by the person who correctly predicted the most first-round games correctly. If it is still tied after that, then the winner will be draw at random.

Good Luck.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A couple of things from this week

It is going to be a busy week on the show with the NCAA tournament starting next week. That is pretty much going to dominate the talk at the bar (as it should).

There are a few things that have happened this week that we may not get to that I wanted to comment on. One story that has not gotten much coverage is a situation that happened this week in the America East Conference.

Voting for all-conference can be tough. I have done it for seven years and there are always varying opinions on who should make first team and who is the player of the year. Most of the voters only see a player in action once or twice in a season and have to make a determination at the end of the year of who are the most deserving 15 players.

It can be a difficult process and there is always going to be someone left out. It is the nature of the beast. But what happened in the America East Conference this week is inexcusable. Binghamton won the regular season and guard D.J. Rivera led the league in scoring. He was also top 10 in rebounding, but when the all-conference list was announced, he was not player of the year.

The problem with this story is that he also was not named to the first team. Rivera, along with a teammate were both second team selections. Apparently, Rivera was denied the honor by a group of coaches in the league as a protest to an NCAA decision to allow Rivera to play after transferring from St. Joseph's without sitting the required season for moving from one Division I university to another. Rivera was granted a hardship waiver from the NCAA and was allowed to play this season.

The most unbelievable part of this story is the conference office is not only confirming the coaches voted with an agenda, but is also condoning it. Conference commissioner Patrick Nero said "It wasn’t a protest toward the kid at all. It was a protest toward the NCAA in allowing him to be eligible. It’s unfortunate, I don’t think it’s right. It’s unfair to the young man. He didn’t do anything wrong."

Nero should be ashamed of his comments. This should have never been made public. If Nero had any sense what-so-ever, he would have taken care of this internally. The coaches who left Rivera off should have had their ballots thrown out and never counted toward the final vote total. Rivera may still have not been the player of the year, but my guess is he would have been a first team selection where he belonged.

Binghamton and Rivera got their revenge, winning the America East Conference Tournament to grab a spot in next week's dance. Rivera fittingly was named tournament MVP.

I stayed up for all 6 OT's

When I got home from Katy on Thursday, I wasn't planning on watching much basketball. After seeing the Kats knocked out in the first round, I just wasn't up to it. But the Big East Tournament game between Syracuse and UConn was on and I have always been a Husky fan so I turned the game on to watch the second half. Little did I know that would turn out to be a three hour commitment.

I was texting a few people at the end of regulation after they declared Eric Devendorf's 3 to win the game had come as the final horn was sounding. Syracuse seemingly had a victory and it was taken from them. A few people wanted to see the game end that way, but I was glad it was going to OT. I am a sucker for drama and overtime always brings drama.

Midway through the second overtime I sent out a text saying they might as well play 5 OTs. And then the fourth OT came and went and I really couldn't believe I was watching a game go to the fifth. In the fifth OT I didn't think either team was going to score. Both teams were gassed. Syracuse resorted to playing a walk-on who had a total of 60 minutes all season.

After the fifth overtime ended, I didn't see any foreseeable way either team was going to win. It was a tournament, so someone was going to have to move one. Even though I was rooting for UConn to win, I wasn't upset when Syracuse sealed the deal in the sixth and final OT.

It was fun to watch those guys lay it on the line for 70 minutes of basketball. They were still diving on the floor and running and gunning even though you could see the guys who had been out there the whole time had nothing left.

I still think UConn is a No. 1 seed. Despite the loss in the first round, I think they showed enough in that game they deserve a spot on the top line of the bracket. Amazingly Syracuse knocked off West Virginia the next night in overtime once again, and then pushed Louisville to the brink. I always like Syracuse in the NCAA tournament. Jim Boeheim is one of the best coaches in college basketball and he always finds a way to win. I just have to wonder how much this run in the Big East Tournament will affect them in next week's Big Dance.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

View From the Bar...

This week's show was a blast! It seems like each week we have more fun. I don't know how we do it...

It could be that March Madness has set in on 12th Street. We talked about some of the conference finals coming up. It's always interesting when we talk big picture at the bar. We've seen some wild things happen this year, so everyone plays close to their vest. Jason even went with his heart!

As I write this, the Bearkats are done playing in the Southland Conference Tourney. I was pulling for them to fight like hell and make it to the Championship, but alas, it wasn't in the cards. At least we have a clean team and a coach that knows the rules. That cannot be said for Florida State...

More developments from the Sunshine State as the NCAA asked the football program to vacate wins. Mixed feelings at the bar on whether or not this tarnishes Bobby Bowden's legacy. This could be a good time for him to step down or retire.

I think the best part about 12th Street is after the show. We all hang around, eat wings (Thanks WingStop!) and unwind. For everyone at the bar, myself sometimes included, the weekends mean work. Games, and trips with teams, and more games; that evening is like a release valve. I know I feel refreshed for the rest of the week. We'll get some pictures up of our after the show shenanigans!

That's all this week from behind the bar...

Is there something you'd like to see on the 12th Street Sports Bar? Let us know! Do you want more web content? More picks? More of Anna Megan? (we'll do what we can on that one)
Send us an e-mail!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

National sales ads

12th Street Productions is offering a $500.00 finder’s fee to anyone and everyone who provides leads that lead to a signed advertising contract for the 12th Street Sports Bar. This is a national show airing on Fox College Sports Network. Contact us at

Thursday, March 5, 2009

View From Behind the Bar...

Number 4 is done.

For those who wonder why I count the shows and why that count is so low. I'm marking the time since our national debut. There have been somwhere around 100 or more shows, I don't know the exact number. I can't even remember the number of shows I've been here to host! So we are trying to keep it simple. We're 4 for 4.

The show this week was fun, like always. Interesting third segment where we talked about economics. It's a scary thought realizing that some young athletes might be accepted to a University on scholarship only to have their sport cut. Luckily, Northern Iowa has been very cool about working with their student athletes on scholarships. Jason had a very cool insight into how Athletic Departments work when it comes to money and as I learned it's not as cut-and-dried as you like it to be. Then again, what isn't these days?

We did get a new email address! Right now, you are being sent here to our blog when you type in (on the interweb). Of course, we are working on our web prescense and want to provide as much cool stuff as we can! Jarrod, one of our production guys came up with the "tvshow" part. I gave him a pretty hard time on the show for it. It gets the job done, though! Thanks to everyone who has emailed us so far! Many of you are from all over the country and it makes us feel real special when we here from ya'll!

One last thing... I'm trying out different phrases to close the show. It's something every host or anchor tries to figure out. This week was "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." It's an old bartender line. I figure since I'm a bartender it might work. Let me know what you think! Comment here or send us an email!

That's all this week from behind the bar...