Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March really is Madness

Watching some of the opening round games of the NIT really has me pumped about the Dance starting in a couple of days. I was just looking over my bracket, and I'm still scratching my head about some of my picks. Outside of the state of Washington, I might be one of the few people that like the Huskies' chances.

That's right, I have Washington in the championship game. That is going to be hard seeing that the Huskies will have to go through UConn and Memphis, which is going to be fired up because of that No. 2 seed, just to get out of the regional and then possibly playing Louisville, the No. 1 overall seed, in the Final Four. My logic is simple, the Pac-10 usually has a team in the Final Four, so I'm going with the Huskies because this is not going to be UCLA's year, USC doesn't have O.J. Mayo and the rest, well I'm just not that impressed. I also like players like Jon Brockman, big guys who like to battle in the paint and average double figures in scoring and rebounding. That's why I'm keeping my fingers crossed that North Carolina and Oklahoma meet up so we can see Tyler Hansbrough and Blake Griffin go at it.

The best thing about the NCAA Tournament is that you can make odd-ball predictions because who knows what is really going to happen. Did that many people believe that George Mason was going to go as far as the Final Four a few years back? It's easy to go with the typical favorites, but it is more fun to go out on a limb. If Washington loses early, then I look like a fool, but if they make a deep run, then I look like less of a fool.

That is what makes this such a special event -- 64 teams with a chance to be the last one standing. Now, if we can just get the powers that be to realize this in college football, life would be great.


Yak 21 said...

You are a fool. Your argument about a Pac-10 team in the Final Four is flawed. The only reason there has been a team from the Pac-10 there the last three years is it is because UCLA made it every time. Infact, since UCLA, you have to go back to 2001 for the last time a Pac-10 team has made the Final Four when Arizona made it. Before that it was Arizoan in 1997.

If you take Arizona and UCLA out of the mix, you have to go back to 1963 the last time another Pac-10 team made it to the Final Four when Oregon State made it.

I don't think you have as much history on your side as you think.

TVs Mike Oder said...

If you believe Cody, then believe it! Stick to your guns. I've got faith that anything can happen, just like you said!

cstark said...

You are just bitter that I'm not sold on your beloved UConn. I still laugh when I think about you believing Thabeet was the player of the year. And before you want to make an argument, learn how to spell Arizona. I also think that three years in a row is beginning to sound like usually, which is what I said. I didn't say always like you are always a homer, I said usually even if it is the same team.

Yak 21 said...

I'll throw in Stanford as well in 1998. Missed that one. I still don't think one team makes a trend unless you wanted to make an argument for UCLA.