Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who's selling UT championship ring on eBay?

The Longhorns did not get their way in the recent Big 12 meetings. Big 12 coaches decided against changes to the current tiebreaker system and to use Bowl Championship Series standings as the method to break ties between more than two teams.

Here's something even better involving the Longhorns. Somebody has reportedly placed a University of Texas championship ring for sale on eBay. Click here for more details.


TVs Mike Oder said...

I don't think I would pay thousands for a championship ring. I say that knowing I'll never get a ring any other way... Oh well.

Unkle Monkee said...

Maybe it was the Longhorn pine rider who sat behind me at a Texans game a couple of years ago. He told us he was a player who was on the bench. He had a ring and all. Who knows?